The only limit is your imagination


Short and compelling animated videos explaining a business, product or concept to your audience. By combining text, illustrations, motion, sound and narration you deliver the most powerful communication tool to your audience. We handcraft every element in your video to customize it to your needs, so the possibilities are endless


Custom and masterfully made video games that are electrifyingly entertaining! We take pride in creating striking, engaging digital experiences for your players. From kooky characters to crazy visual effects, the galaxy’s the limit with your next big video game


We help your audience understand relevant financial data and knowledge through entertaining, intriguing and customized infographics. A successful infographic isn’t just about amazing design: it requires a gripping narrative with persuasive statistics and research. Whether you come to us with an idea or a full set of data, we take on projects of all sizes and matter.

Neon is a group of talented and creative visual storytellers. We take  complex ideas and turn it into simple and entertaining videos and games that everyone can enjoy . Even the best ideas need an explanation. So let us handle what we do best: telling awesome animated stories.