Many students visit the Burj Khalifa on field trips, At the Top, Burj Khalifa (ATT) wanted to educate the students about how the mega structure came into being. They approached us & explained their plan of setting up a huge 80” screen at the Burj Khalifa which will run a documentary movie about Burj Khalifa & also a game which will have questions from the movie

Burj Khalifa already has videos & documentaries running. We had to come up with something that would stand out from the rest of the videos.

Therefore our video should;

- Look different

- Be educational but at the same time fun to watch

- Keep the children engaged

We did not want the children to get bored by playing them another documentary instead we decided to cater them with something they love, Cartoons.

Kids love stories, so we decided to weave the documentary around a kid inspired to catch his favourite glowing star. As Burj Khalifa itself is an inspiration for many for it stands tall as the tallest building in the world

When writing the script we wanted to break the direct informative way of the usual, ordinary, boring explainer videos and tell our story in a more personal & humour filled way so that people could relate it more.We related all these statistics & Records with stories, which the kids could relate to like Alladin, Rapunzel etc… We added humour to the overall script to keep the children engaged.

The hero in this movie is the narrator, several characters were sketched, finally a young Emirati was selected as the protagonist for the movie.

Once the character was approved, we built a model sheet which will contain all the poses needed for animation of the main character

The movie needed a cartoonish like theme & we were very carefull when picking the color palette, The characters, the environemnt etc..

The movie begins with a “Once upon a time”, Opening the pages of a book; goes on explaining the ambition , the hardwork, the effort and the obstacles faced to build the mega structure. All these information was delivered in a more lighter and humorous way that everyone understands, specially the kids :)

We tried to keep both the old Arabic traditional style with modern culture when doing the illustration.

We needed to finalize the voice before we go ahead with the animation, as students come from various parts of the world we needed the character to have a clear accent and perfect pronounciation. After going through many voice artists, we found the current most suitable.

With the voice recorded we began the animation, All the character animations were done using flash, Burj Khalifa building up was a tedious task in flash as the animator had to work on a high resolution image, took a lot of processing power in the composite it together in flash so we relied on the compositing software.

We used a 3D model for all the beauty shots of the Burj Khalifa as we needed more perspective on the building.

The typography & motion designs were done using Aftereffects. We strictly relied on Aftereffects to have a fluid camera motion.

The documentary movie took us a month for completion starting from building the script to the final production. We had a great time working on this project as we learnt alot to deal with this new type of animation that combines fun animation with all information & statistics that’s usually done in the everyday explainer videos

We had to come up with a game which would be entertaining and challenging but at the same time we had a time restriction to consider due to high number of children on field trips. The two games proposed were Climb to the Top & Crane Builder.

In this game the children have to build the Burj Khalifa, Cranes holding craters sway from left to right & the children have to make the pointer stop at the green area for the crater to drop on the drop zone by touching the screen.

The games were played on 80” touch screens, in Climb to the Top; the children have to climb up the Burj Khalifa before the time runs out, at every level they will be asked a question from the movie.

As for the Gameplay, there will be a meter which moves from left to right & the player has to touch the screen at the right time to stop it at the center.

The characters in the game perform gestures according to the actions of the player, each character had seven animated poses

We’ve used the cocos2d-X engine, the development was done in C++, and we opt for the rapid prototyping methodology.