1.) Discovery

We ask few questions about your product or idea

2.) Brainstorming

We brainstorm to build the perfect script and storyboard

3.) Script and Storyboard

A scene-by-scene detailing which we send for your approval

4.) Character Design

Building your character suiting your brief and storyboard

5.) Animation

We split up the entire project per scene and get to work on every details of your project

6.) Voiceover & Sound Mixing

Voiceover, background music & sound effects to set the right mood for your animation

7.) Quality Check

We analyze the video frame by frame, pixel by pixel for any flaws

8.) Delivery

Your final video in HD format

Voila! The 8-Step process to produce a promotional powerhouse for your organization.

Information can be useful—and even beautiful—but only when it’s presented well. In an age of information overload, any guidance through the clutter comes as a welcome relief. Infographics are visual designs that help to explain complicated data in a simple way. NEON has come to specialize in this type of design, and we’ve found a process that works for us.

1.) Gathering Data

Bring us your data, we’ll sift through it all and help you find the story in all the charts

2.) Reading Everything

We make sure that the facts you provide support the story being told to your target viewers

3.) Find the Narrative

With all the data, we create a compelling story worth telling to your target viewers

4.) Finding Problems

Our designer will be a valuable guide to discovering more accurate narratives and presenting them than the original idea

5.) Creating an Hierarchy

There is always a “Hero” that leads the story. This piece of data will shine light on your entire infographic

6.) Building a Wireframe

We build an understandable visual representation of the information. This acts as a tool for discussion

7.) Choosing a Format

We build an understandable visual representation of the information. This acts as a tool for discussion

8.) Determining a Visual Approach

We decide the best approach to showcase the data. Traditional charts and graphs (bar, line, pie charts)

9.) Refinement and Testing

Selecting the best visual approach to determining the look and feel of an infographic

10.) Releasing it to the World

We will provide a high resolution format file of your brand new and unique infographic video!

1.) Proposal

We’ll provide the complete picture of your game through proposals and presentations

2.) Design Prototype

We work day and night to craft a unique design, as per your requirement and specified platform

3.) Game Development

We create an eye-catching, trendy interface, and user interactive for your project

4.) Quality Assurance & Documentation

Your project is closely monitored and tested by our Quality Assurance team for minute details and functionalities

5.) Game Publishing & Marketing

We offer worry-free promotion of your project for all platforms whether its App Store, App Center or Google Play

6.) Maintenance

We support to manage problems, defect analysis, troubleshooting and bug fixes, upgrades, content updates and whatever else you may need